How We Are Different

Not all accountants are the same. A good accountant should be a faithful steward of client affairs, reliable advisor and provide quality service. Are you getting the service you deserve from your current accountants? We are proud to distinguish ourselves in the following ways:


Quality service, local knowledge

Our team is dedicated to deliver quality in our work and respond on a timely basis to our clients. As we are focused primarily on SMEs in Johor Bahru, our team can provide relevant advice that is business focused. At M.S. Wong, you are never a “small fish in a big pond”, so you can be sure we will respond promptly to your requests.

We can grow with your business

It’s important to think about what your business will need tomorrow, as well as today. At M.S. Wong, our multinational-experienced staff and wide range of client portfolio ensure we have the necessary resources to grow with you, whatever stage you are at. We have the resources to help you; from PERS to FRS, from business start-ups to listing; from tax compliance to tax planning.

Proactive advice, not reactive

At M.S. Wong, we always stress the importance of planning ahead to our clients – prevention is better than cure. That is why we always strive to proactively advise our clients, not wait until significant problems arise. That is also why we keep our clients up to date with regular newsletters and emails.

Specialist teams, integrated advice

Our stringent recruitment process and structured internal training system ensures we have a team of specialists in accounting, taxation, laws and regulations. You will be assigned a relationship manager who will be your first point of contact and will take an integrated approach to help you deal with your business challenges, so that you can take account of all areas before making your decisions.

Highly competitive pricing

At M.S. Wong, we are continuously improving our processes to ensure we can provide the most cost-effective service without compromising quality. Our team of specialists mixed with internally trained staff ensures we can offer you highly competitive pricing. Quality can be affordable too.

Innovative Solutions

Our decision of Xero being our chosen solution is a testament to our commitment to innovation and out-of-the-box solutions. We believe cloud is the future – the modern accounting landscape will not be bound by geographical barriers. Xero users do not need to stop at accounting. Xero can be seamlessly integrated to other cloud applications including e-commerce, inventory, invoicing, time tracking and expenses to save SMEs precious time and money.

Changing your accountants is not as difficult as you think. We will help you obtain all necessary information and dedicate time to understand the history of your company so that the transition will be seamless and hassle-free.

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