Recruitment Services and Temporary Contracting

Recruitment Services

High quality people are often the most important assets in many organisations to achieve their goals and targets. Finding and retaining such people is one of the biggest challenges for Johor businesses.

We can help.


Why You Might Need Our Help

Skilled finance staff is vital to any business but suitable persons are hard to find. In addition, you may not have sufficient internal resources.

At M.S. Wong & Co., we understand your challenges and know that locating the right talent is as difficult as ever.

How We Can Help

Selection and Interviews

We operate a recruitment consultancy that specialises in accounting and executive positions. We will help you to develop a job description and a clear understanding of the role and responsibilities. We then advise on avenues to perform targeted searches of likely candidates with the required skills and expertise.

We will help you interview the candidates first and only the best candidates will be passed to you for further interviews, saving you valuable time and effort on sifting through large numbers of applicants.

Temporary Contracting

We offer contracting of accounting and finance staff to help you deal with temporary shortages or sudden departures of key staff. You can be assured that our internally trained staff have the necessary skills to add value to your business.

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Finding and retaining people is one of the biggest challenges for Johor businesses.

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