Upcoming GST Seminars, Consultancy and Advisory Services


At M.S Wong & Co., we understand the difficulties business face and our seminars are geared to explain GST in simple terms, offering practical advice and sharing common issues. Our experience gained from conducting numerous seminars and involvement in implementation projects will be shared with our participants. Below is a list of GST seminars currently planned:
  1. Accounting for GST – A detailed workshop for accountants (Knowledge of GST concept is required prior to attending this course).
    • In English on 17 October 2014 (Postponed from 11 October 2014) 

More info can be downloaded from the link below, kindly complete the necessary details and send back to us. Download the Registration Form here.

In addition, there will be other upcoming seminars, with regards to the below topics:

  • Construction Industry
  • Manufacturing Industry
  • Logistics Industry
  • Employee Benefits Planning and GST
  • Travel Industry
  • Legal Practitioners Industry
  • Retailing Industry
  • GST for Property Investors & Investment Holding Company

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As the date of GST implementation draws closer, business must be sufficiently prepared for the transition to the new tax. Many businesses, particularly SMEs, faced with complex rules and regulations, limited resources and a need for greater discipline in capturing transactions and maintaining financial records, struggle with preparation for the new tax. GST is not a tax to be underestimated as repeated errors can soon accumulate to significant liabilities, especially with the steep penalties announced in the latest GST Bill.We provide the following GST Consultancy and Advisory services to support our clients with their GST implementation needs:-
  • GST Registration and Planning
  • GST Technical Queries
  • GST Implementation Advisory and Accounting System Setup
  • In-house Training and SME Diagnostic Workshops
  • Special Schemes and Approvals Applications
  • Live Testing and GST Returns Verification

If you are interested to find out more, please do not hesitate to contact Simon or Ms Ng on 07-332 8335 or via email: gst@mswongco.com.